Steve Interviews Video Game Streamer, Kripparrian!


In case you are late to the party, live streaming video games is definitely a thing that you should know about. Last year, Amazon paid almost 1 billion dollars for, the online streaming service of choice for anyone who wants to make money as a live streamer. Watching people play games used to be the way you spent your Saturday nights with your roommates, but these days it’s a viable way to make a living.

Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan is one of the most popular and entertaining video game streamers online, and certainly my favorite. He got my attention with his YouTube tutorials for World of Warcraft raid boss encounters back in 2009. I was struck not only by his vast wealth of knowledge, but also by his demeanor – calm and collected, but also extremely knowledgeable about the games he plays. Kripp seems like a guy I would love to have dinner with, just as long as he doesn’t look at my characters on the armory.

Steve: How did you get started in streaming video games?  What were you doing in the “real world” before this?

Kripparrian: Diablo 3 was being released in the spring of 2012 and on its release I dropped all real world obligations to stream and be the best at it. At that point I had stopped going to University and worked as a computer tech for almost 2 years. During those years and some before them, I was raiding World of Warcraft with one of the best guilds in the world, Exodus. I came to be one of the best players in the game, and many knew it from the DPS charts shared online. This led to me producing YouTube video guides on the subject, and a few others. Although I had over 30k subs and millions of views, I had not earned any money from YouTube up to that point, but based on estimates it looked like it could match what I earned working if it doubled in size. So I quit my job and formed a team out of the best WoW raiders I knew at the time and they showed me that it may be worth it to stream our progress in the game in addition to my plan of making daily YouTube videos. Obviously they were right. This video shows the preparation for Diablo 3 & the start of Kripp streams!

Steve: I’m fascinated by how people can have different personalities when they’re behind the anonymity of the internet (myself included).  With live streaming from your home, it seems like that veil has been brought down- people see your face, they know your name, etc.  Are you nervous about letting your audience see the real you?

Kripparrian: Although most people would find this a problem, it never bothered me that my life was public in a large way. I also think that its not that people have different personalities when they’re behind anonymity, instead its the anonymity that allows them to be themselves. I don’t think my online & offline behavior has ever had much difference, so for me it was natural.

Steve: Your video tutorials made a huge difference on my ability to raid in World of Warcraft, and also gave me an edge with Hearthstone when that game came out.  Do you consider yourself a teacher… or maybe a part time tutor?  How important is that when making these videos?

Kripparrian: When I first started making YouTube videos, teaching was the goal. I think I have a good ability to understand simple things in a lot of detail and great ability to explain it all. I try to make one video every day and at some point there isn’t anything left to teach, so many videos end up being funny or amusing rather than informative.

Steve: I heard that you are a fan of comics.  Are you reading anything at the moment?  What are some of your favorite comics?

Kripparrian: When I was 7 and first came to Canada from Romania, Marvel comics, cards, & superheroes fascinated me. The post office had a massive bucket with tens of thousands of comics at 50 cents a pop, so after years of frequent visits I had quite a stack at home myself. I haven’t read any comics for a very long time, but my favorite back then was Iron Man. 

Kripp, I want to thank you so much for answering these questions!  You were a huge part of the inspiration when I was creating PLOX, so it’s a thrill to talk with you.  Can you let people know what your plans are for the future?

Kripparrian: I’m happy to be doing what I’m doing now, even though there is a lot of time and work involved that people don’t see. I hope people will continue to be interested in watching me learn & play games so I could continue for years to come.


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