Steve Talks With Tradechat & Wowhead Weekly’s ‘Panser’

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Danielle Mackey, AKA ‘Panser’ has been creating Warcraft related YouTube content since 2009.  She recently took on co-hosting duties for the Wowhead Weekly podcast with Site Manager, Alexis ‘Perculia’ Martyn.  Years before participating in reality television shows like King of the Nerds and The Tester, Danielle had begun establishing herself as a bona fide World of Warcraft community member.  She’s the real deal!

Steve: Many people were probably introduced to you from your appearance on King of the Nerds, but you were very active in the WoW community years before that. How did that television exposure affect your current WoW-centric career?

Panser: Actually, King of the Nerds was more damaging for my YouTube channel than helpful. I wasn’t the most popular nerd in Nerdvana, lol.

Steve: Having done work in television, do you have aspirations to expand that kind of mainstream screen time? Acting perhaps?

Panser: GOSH NO! I only competed in King of the Nerds to try and win money for my father to pursue alternative cancer treatment. I don’t have any aspirations to be famous. I am far too antisocial, haha!

Steve: Between making your YouTube videos including DownTime Tuesdays and Wowhead Weekly, how much time do you have left to play World of Warcraft outside of research?

Panser: I raid with my guild on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. I manage to find time to level alts or play other games here and there too. I’m pretty lucky I have a lenient boss. (cough *self employed joke* cough)

Steve: Speaking of Wowhead, you recently took over co-hosting Wowhead Weekly from Olivia Grace, who now works for Blizzard. That seemed like an obvious choice to people familiar with Wowhead, but how has that transition been for you?

Panser: It was easier than I expected. I actually stream the podcast, do all the visuals and camera changes, edit the VoD, manage the comments, etc…I’ve never really “run the show” like that, at least not live, so I was expecting there to be many derps. So far, there’s only been a couple of derps. I will call that a win.

Steve: I certainly hate to come off as pandering, but I have noticed that Wowhead has a really strong female public face and I think it’s fantastic. It’s a great thing for not just the WoW community but also the gaming world at large. What are you thoughts on that?

Panser: It wasn’t something I really noticed until I was actually part of Wowhead, which I think is fantastic. The Wowhead community is particularly amazing and I am very proud to be a part of it. I don’t have much experience in the gaming world, but from what I’ve seen, particularly in recent times, gender really doesn’t make much of a difference to the people that matter. There are plently of female game devs, designers, artists, CMs, etc. I honestly think that the majority of people in the gaming community are open-minded and accepting of all types, and it’s important to remember that internet commenters rarely represent the opinions of the majority.

Steve: Lately my favorite things to do in WoW include hunting for transmog gear and I think we share a love for collecting battle pets. What’s your favorite in-game activity, and how’s your pet collection these days?

Panser: I also really like collecting transmog gear. I am a little strange, in that I try really hard to create sets that match, but aren’t actually intended to go together. I want awesome transmog, but I don’t want other people to have the same set!!

As far as my pet collection, I currently have 623 unique pets. I have no life. Send help.

Steve: You and I are the same! Ha, ha.  Let’s talk ‘real life’. What kinds of things are you doing for fun when you’re not in your gaming chair?

Panser: I like to eat. Generally it takes food to lure me away from the computer. Or something really good on TV like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, or Vikings. I also have a lot of pets, so I have to feed them sometimes. 😛

Steve: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me! I love the WoW news coverage and commentary you produce. I wish you well with where your career takes you!

Panser: Thank you! You too! Lok’tar!


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